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Great things are happening here!  If you are willing to share your experiences at Moundview, we'd love to hear from you.  Please submit your story to or call (608) 339-8328.

Therapy at Moundview Has Changed My Life

“I drive two hours round trip to receive physical therapy at Moundview – that is how good the care is there.
I’ve had migraines for 25 years.  I was taking multiple medications and had received physical therapy at numerous facilities in large and mid-size cities.  Nothing seemed to work.  I was referred to Mike (physical therapist at Moundview) by my TMJ doctor who said Mike thinks outside of the box.  Since I started seeing Mike, she’s shown me how to decrease the severity of my migraines or stop them before they become full blown.  She’s also helped me improve my posture - I was hunched over when I first came in.
Mike thinks my migraines will eventually go away with the continued improvement of my posture, increased blood flow and strengthening of my neck muscles.  Today I feel better than I have in years.  I am now taking only two medications instead of ten.  Mike has changed my life.  I tell her she has God’s hands.”


----Angela, Plover resident

Because of the staff’s compassionate, quality care

“Our kids weren’t born at Moundview because they don’t offer OB services.  When they were infants, my husband and I continued to take them to an out of town doctor.  After a while, we become discouraged by the long drive to get to that clinic and the untimely waits in the office with small children.  We decided to try a family clinic provider at Moundview that was recommended to us by a friend.  We were very pleased with the care we received and now use Moundview for our health care needs. Our provider at Moundview’s Family Clinic always remembers the names of my family and takes the time to listen to my concerns.  Our kids feel comfortable there and it’s not a struggle to get them to go.  We ultimately tried Moundview because it’s so close to our home.  But, we stayed at Moundview because of the staff’s compassionate, quality care.”

---Leta, mother of two, Adams resident  

Camping Trip Results in an Emergency Room Visit

"Although some time has passed since I was seen in your emergency room, I decided to write about my visit.  I was seen on November 9, 2013.  It was a Saturday and my wife and I were camping on our land nearby with friends.  A tree snapped in half and came crashing down on me.  It struck me in my head, driving me to the ground.  I fought consciousness and severe pain.  I also had a three inch by one inch chuck of wood imbedded in my head.  In order to stop the bleeding, I had to remove the chunk of wood.  I've had a lot of medical training and knew that maybe I shouldn't do that.  In this case however I had to weigh my options.  I had a severe concussion as well.

I wish I could remember the name of the doctor and nurse (who took care of me in the emergency room).  They quickly and calmly took care of me and erased any fears I may have had about a small hospital ER.  I not only received great care, but also somewhat of a little comedy.  This I'm sure was to distract me from my injury.  

I realize I'm lucky to be alive considering the injury and having talked to those who work in the lumber industry.  I might add that 911 was called but mostly to have the hospital alerted.  I refused an ambulance since I had been and EMT for ten years and had paramedic duties while serving in the Air Force.  All that could be done was being done and since I was alert and conscious, we made a fast track to your hospital.  So thanks to the ER staff that day for making it a positive and memorable experience."

---Dennis Snyder, Sun Prairie Resident

Emergency and Urgent Care Patient Comments

"Diane was such an excellent nurse.  Thank you for being so kind to my son."

"This is the best care I've ever had in the ER.  The nurses went above and beyond.  I will now choose a doctor here at this hospital because of this visit."

“Dr Pratt was extremely intelligent and easy to talk to.  All the nurses had great attitudes and were constantly checking to see how we were doing.”

"The doctor (Dr. Bertram)  and nurse (Lori) were the best healthcare providers I've had"

"Dr. Hasselhof and Staff---Thank you so much for your amazing care of me during my stroke.  Your quick action more than likely "saved" my brain function. I'm surprised that in such as small community this great care exists.  So from a stroke on Sunday at 5 am to returning to my home (in a metropolitan area in another state)  by Wednesday afternoon and doing very well.  My husband, children and especially me want to sincerely thank each of you."

"Diane and Amanda did a great job.  Dr. Hasselhof was very caring. Medical Imaging was nice.  Very good experience.  Thankful to have this hospital in our town."

“Nice to have this urgent care nearby.  We are vacationing at Northern Bay Resort.  Comforting to know this is here. Great care."